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Who are the people behind GOLD?

Dancers from all over the world have come together and decided to make a change for the future regarding competitions and competitors. They all have the strong belief that the competition world and the social world belong together, and that a lot can be done to bring more joy to the dance floor. The organisation consists of event directors and boards (dance board, music board, etc.) who are all represented by the top board.

How do I register?

By clicking on the top "Become a member" and filling in the form. Then you can register to become a GOLD Member!

In which category should I start?

New members who start line dancing and have not competed before in GOLD or another organisation will be able to join the Starter division. Have you already competed in another line dance organization / are you currently dancing with another line dance organization such as the WorldCDF, UCWDC or World Dance Masters? Then you can start in the same category you are dancing in at the other organization.

What will happen to the points I have
previously earned in a different organisation?

You will keep them, and it gets even better: they will not expire!

How much is the membership fee?

To participate in a GOLD event, you must pay a € 15,- introduction membership fee for 2022.

What is Line Dance?

Line Dance is a form of dancing where all dancers perform a choreography with identical steps and where the rest of the body movements is open to interpretation. It involves numerous different motions such as Rise & Fall, Cuban, Smooth or even Hip hop. Curious about seeing what Line Dance looks like ? Go check our social medias and let us know what you think !

How do I know which dances I'll compete with ?

You can find all dances and musics depending on your division in the Competition -> dances & musics section of the website.

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